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Winter Break 2017

Benjamin Judson


the Genie of the Lamp.


Benjamin Judson is pleased to be making his first appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

While Benjamin is just starting his on-stage career he is no stranger to the world of film - his credits include Channel Zero and Candle Cove.  Benjamin currently attends Transcona Collegiate Highschool and is very active in his school drama program,

Benjamin is excited to work with Dramatic this season and hopes you enjoy the show!




Mikayla Zacharias

Princess Balmyra.


Mikayla Zacharias is making her third appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

Mikayla's Dramatic credits include; Hyronomous A. Frog (August 2016), and Beauty and the Lonely Beast (October 2016).  Aside from theatre Mikayla is very active on the music scene in Winnipeg having opened for artists such as The Wilkinsons, and Sean Hogan. Currently Mikayla is a theatre student at the University of Winnipeg.

Mikayla is excited to be working with Dramatic Theatre again this season, and wishes everyone a happy holiday!


Jasmine Wallace

Tiger Lily (the Cat).


Jasmine Wallace is pleased to be making her first appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

Jasmine has been in her school musicals since the 6th grade and continues to participate. 

Jasmine is excited to be working onstage with Dramatic Theatre and hopes you enjoy the show



Madeline Emmonds


Amber, the Handmaiden.


Madeline Emmonds is pleased to be making her second appearance with Dramatic Theatre. 

Madeline joined the company last June in the co-production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Other notable theatre credits include Oliver with North Kildonan Community Players and You're A Good Man Charlie Brown with Winnipeg Studio Theatre. 

Madeline is excited to be working on Little Shop of Horrors with her school in the New Year.  Madeline is excited to be working with Dramatic Theatre once again.


Hazel Wallace


Jasmine, the Handmaiden.


Hazel Wallace is pleased to be making her first

appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

Hazel is excited to be working on this production with her twin sister Jasmine.  Hazel has been working on musicals for the past six years with her school and loves it!

Hazel is excited to be in the show - and hopes you enjoy it!

Darian Shaw


Tareye, the Terrible.


Darian Shaw is pleased to be making his first appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

While this production is Darian's first crack at community theatre - Darian has performed in a number of musicals at his school.  Darian has also trained at Prairie Theatre Exchange and Talent Inc. 

Darian is excited to be in Aladdin and hopes you all enjoy the production!




Ethan Lapkin



Ethan Lapkin is pleased to be making his first appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

Ethan started his theatrical journey one summer when his parents forced him to try out theatre camp - it was love at first sight. Ethan lives to perform, and also has a flare for film.  Ethan has performed with various other companies in Winnipeg and is excited to be working on the Dramatic mainstage this holiday season.

When Ethan is not on stage he loves to read and play in the Westwood College school band.  

Kelley Hirst




Kelley Hirst is pleased to be making her seventeenth

appearance with Dramatic Theatre.


Kelley's Dramatic Theatre credits include "Vampies Lesbians of Sodom", "Cinderella or the Story of Bigfoot", "A Song at Twilight", Hypronomous A. Frog", "Anne of Green Gables" and "Bedroom Farce". Kelley is a core-member of the Dramatic Theatre team and has also held senior staff positions within the company which include Advisor to the Artistic Director, and Wardrobe Mistress.


Kelley is excited to be closing the season with Dramatic and looks forward to the next one!


Aladdin's Mother.


James Carter

the Turkish Magician.


James Carter is pleased to to making his second appearance with Dramatic Theatre.

James is excited to be re-mounting the role of the Turkish Magician in this round of the production.  James has acted in a number of local productions in Winnipeg and very much enjoys it.

James hopes you enjoy the show.



Terry Hamel


the Saltan.

Terry Hamel is pleased to be making his first appearance

with Dramatic Theatre.

While Terry is just starting to re-connect with the stage, he was involved with the film project "How it Ends".

Terry hopes you enjoy the show.




Justin Danyluk




Justin Danyluk is pleased to be directing his seventeenth production at Dramatic Theatre.  Justin is the current Artistic Director for Dramatic and is the Founder of the Dramatic Oganization.

Justin is a veteran of children's theatre in Winnipeg having directed, acted in, staged managed or produced over fifty local community theatre productions for young audiences. Justin started his career onstage at Fantasy Theatre for Children.


Aside from theatre Justin is a social worker completing his second degree from Booth University College and is a graduate from the University of Manitoba.


Justin hopes you enjoy the production and hopes your family finds seasons blessings this holiday.



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