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Artistic Director



Founder of the Dramatic Theatre Company

Justin Joseph founded the Dramatic Theatre Company in 2011 as a travelling theatre school that aimed to educate youth at summer camps across Canada and

the United States which evolved in 2013 into the operations of a year-round theatre company that both produces quality theatre for all audiences to enjoy and the operation of the Dramatic Theatre School. 

Justin always enjoyed the administration side of theatre, as he always says "Not everyone wants to play Hamlet", he finds his home in administration and directing. An accomplished director and veteran of theatre for young audiences in Manitoba, Justin believes that community theatre should be a home for everyone to grow, learn, and belong.


Justin has directed and stage managed over thirty local and international productions.  Justin has worked with Fantasy Theatre for Children, Theatre Amisk, Crane Lake Players, The Black Hole Theatre Company, Shawcross Productions, and has worked onstage with Manitoba Association of Playwrights. 

Justin enjoys working in the local Winnipeg Scene that is vibrant and alive.

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